Rules of play

The rules to this campaign are taking mostly from the AD&D 1st edition rules set. This is more role playing than dice rolling, though some conclusions will be determined by the dice. But, as always, the DM has the right to ignore any rolls and shape the out come as he sees fit.

Character building needs to follow this guide:

Attributes should be determined by rolling a d6 four times and taking the three highest results. Ignore any final results lower than 8.

Ignore character class limits as written. What this means is that humans may be multi-classed, and demi-humans can join any class they wish without level limits. Players can later add a multi-class if they wish (a Fighter can begin learning magic for instance) Only restriction is obvious alignment issues… No paladin/druid/assassin, etc.

Magic using classes do not need to memorize certain spells. They know all spells of their caster level, but are still restricted to a certain number a day depending on their level. Magic users can use their intelligence to cast additional spells just as clerics use wisdom. If a spell caster is able to cast one 2nd level spell, and two 1st level spells, he may if necessary substitute the higher level spell to cast a lower level one. Spell casters have the ability to cast spells beyond their experience with various levels of success, but all of you have been taught never to do so. Magic-users/clerics/druids are very rare in Twyle at this point in time, so only one of each will be allowed in the party.

All characters start at the experience equivalent of level 3 with one minor(+1) magic item.

Supply a character sheet privately to me. Include a summary of the character’s background and a picture if possible.

Rules of play

Twyle Martel